Our company "SONS KON. MARMARAS LTD" was established in 1978 (initially as a private business of the founder Mr. Konstantinos Marmaras, and since 1998, when the second generation took over, with its current name) with the main object of the trading, import and exports of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as dried fruits, olives and legumes.

In recent years it has been active with the packaging, storage and international transports of third-party products.

Our headquarters are located in Magoula area of Corinth, in our privately-owned modern facilities of total area of 31,300 sq. m. of which the 7,500 sq. m. are covered, and with 9 cooling chambers of 1,730 sq. m. for the proper maintenance of even the most susceptible products. In our premises there is a potato and onion packaging area of 2,450 sq. m.

Also, at the Port Authority of Thessaloniki (free zone) we are renting facilities equipped with refrigeration chambers (total area 2,500 sqm), for the best service of northern Greece and the Balkans.

Our facilities meet all the specifications of correct processing and storage of our products, so that we can supply our customer with products of superior quality. In order to ensure the quality and safety of our products, and to establish a dominant position in the field where we operate, we follow strict hygiene rules and continuous controls. Our company has an ISO 22000 certificate that guarantees the proper management of our products, in order to ensure their quality.

We cooperate with the best Greek and foreign producers and suppliers (Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America), and we have managed to establish our position as a pioneer company in the area.

The transportation of our products is done mainly with our privately-owned fleet of trucks, inside and outside Greece, in order to ensure proper and accurate delivery, ensuring the highest quality.